Scaffolding Hire in Cuffley | Doing Everything the Right Way

There are many things scaffolding companies like our own take into consideration when they provide scaffolding hire for customers in Cuffley; making sure they’ve loaded the correct commercial scaffolding equipment, wearing the right PPE, undertaking a thorough inspection of the site and then inspecting the scaffold hire components at the end of the construction.


The first thing our own scaffolding team does is load the truck with the equipment needed for the job in Cuffley or any of the nearby areas. It’s extremely important that the right amount of poles, ties and associated scaffolding hire equipment is placed onto the truck. If we under load, this could cause a number of practical and safety issues once on-site.


If there are only enough poles to complete part of a scaffold hire construction, it not only breaches our own personal code of conduct but also sends a message to the client that we’re unprofessional. This, in turn, could lose us future work with the company we’re supplying our commercial scaffolding services to. Where we differ from other scaffolding companies covering Cuffley is through our stringent internal safety code.


Once on-site in Cuffley, one of our qualified and experienced scaffolding team will embark on a site survey. This ensures that the ground is stable enough to take the weight of a scaffolding hire construction. As long as the surface is sturdy, we can still build on uneven and sloped land. Once safety is established, we start the physical scaffolding construction.

Detailed Scaffolding Inspections

Once the scaffolding is up, we’ll provide further inspections to make sure the tower is able to take the load capacity that you require. This is the same for both domestic and commercial scaffolding clients. The structure shouldn’t be overloaded at any point and we will advise on how many contractors or users can be on a scaffold hire construction at any one time.


As you’d expect from one of the leading scaffolding companies covering the Cuffley area, the correct PPE is worn by our operatives at all times whilst working onsite. If a scaffolding erector on our team turns up without safety wear, they will be immediately withdrawn from site until the correct personal protection equipment is collected. They may also face disciplinary action, such is the seriousness that we play on scaffold hire safety.


If you’re using commercial scaffolding on a long-term basis, we will check the construction weekly to ensure everything is working as it should be at your Cuffley site. We make sure there’s no wear or tear on our poles, ties or boards. We also carry out safety checks on any infrastructure you may be using, such as elevators, birdcages, netting and rubbish chutes.


Once scaffolding is fully constructed at your Cuffley site, you have continued use of our commercial scaffold hire equipment until you’ve finished the project you are working on. As soon as work is completed, give us a call and we’ll arrange to dismantle our commercial scaffolding hire equipment safely before returning it to our yard in Hertford.

Call V&S Scaffolding Services Ltd now on 01992 558 464 to arrange safe and secure scaffolding hire for your project. We cover Cuffley and all surrounding areas.

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