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Health and Safety in the workplace is important, but Health and Safety when using scaffolding hire services is crucial and potentially lifesaving. All scaffolding companies in Epsom and across the UK are governed by industry guidelines and, whether you’re using us for domestic scaffold hire or commercial scaffolding, the same rules apply each time.


At V&S Scaffolding Services Ltd, we employ scaffolding erectors who are trained to uphold the correct safety procedures from the very first minute they come to work with us. This, in turn, makes our sites in Epsom amongst the safest in Surrey and the South East. Importantly, each employee of V&S Scaffolding Services Ltd must be a card-carrying CISRS member (Construction Industry Scaffolding Record Scheme).


The Red or Green Card is for entry-level scaffolding erectors and then, through experience and training, we help our scaffold hire team through to higher aptitude cards such as the Blue Card (Basic) and Gold Card (Advanced). All the time, we’re building the confidence and knowledge needed to empower our scaffolding team to work as a complete unit, especially when they are constructing scaffolding hire constructions for commercial clients in Epsom and the surrounding areas.

Responsible Scaffolding in Epsom

Once our scaffold hire erectors reach a certain level, they’re in a position to take all aspects of how to build commercial scaffolding constructions into account with greater authority. This can include anything from planning the scaffolding infrastructure and the dimensions to the period of use and the intended work to be carried out. Using this information, our domestic and commercial scaffolding team instigates our company’s own internal scaffold hire Health and Safety practices to suit each construction in Epsom.


As one of the leading scaffolding companies to operate in the Epsom area, our reputation already goes before us. Before anybody outside of V&S Scaffolding Services Ltd uses our towers, we undertake stringent checks to make sure scaffolding hire components are safe to use. Scaffold tags are added to the structure to confirm everything has been inspected.


Returning clients in Epsom know our capabilities meet and exceed their demands, and commercial scaffolding in particular will help them to undertake their own projects without fuss or concerns over safety. If you require long-term scaffolding hire, we’ll be there to provide regular weekly checks and to make sure there’s no movement in the structure.


Once you’ve finished with our scaffolding hire services, all you need to do is give us a call and we’ll arrange for the dismantling and collection of poles and apparatus. As one of the more experienced scaffolding companies covering Epsom and the surrounding areas, we can guarantee clients a low-cost, professional and safety-first service outlook which ties in perfectly with their commercial scaffolding hire requirements.

Call now on 01992 558464 for a free site survey and a no-obligation quote on scaffolding hire services in Epsom and all surrounding areas.

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