Safe Domestic and Commercial Scaffolding in Golders Green

Scaffolding companies have a number of measures in place to make sure domestic and commercial scaffolding hire structures are safe to use at all times. V&S Scaffolding Services Ltd apply a safety-first approach on every construction. We also make sure scaffold hire components are checked regularly throughout the period where everything is in place at your Golders Green site. We even provide toolbox talks on how to keep scaffolding use as safe as possible.


Before our scaffolding erectors start any work, we conduct detailed risk assessments and provide method statements for our clients in Golders Green. This involves highlighting any potential risks or hazardous conditions inside the working environment. We will also provide the necessary measures to remove any potentially dangerous situations which might arise through the use of our domestic or commercial scaffolding hire services.


The most common risk when using scaffold hire in Golders Green is the ground we build on, which isn’t always as flat or as even as we’d like. Also, overhead power cables could hinder the height we can work to and the access our scaffolding hire equipment will provide. Scaffolding companies like V&S have to meet strict legal requirements and make sure every scaffolding construction is safe. We provide due care and attention at all times.

Avoiding Accidents with Good Scaffolding Safety Practices

Taking extra care not to leave tools or materials lying about on scaffolding structures and avoid the potential for accidents. Falling tools can be a hazard for other workers and if someone was to accidently kick a drill or a brick from a commercial scaffolding hire structure in Golders Green, the consequences could be deadly. By keeping your working environment tidy, you will consistently reduce the potential for accidents occurring.


As scaffolding companies like our own know only too well, most construction site teams are under pressure to have work completed inside a certain timeframe. We’ve heard stories of stressed site managers pushing contractors to work faster and to get the job completed, sometimes with unpleasant consequences. When working at height in Golders Green, it makes sense to use scaffold hire services from a company that never compromises on safety, and which will always provide the best advice even when you’re under pressure.


Part of our duty when you use us for domestic or commercial scaffolding hire is to periodically inspect and review to ensure scaffolding is in good working order. If you are using scaffold hire on a long-term basis, we will visit your Golders Green site regularly and identify any potential hazards that may have appeared. We’ll also look for signs of deterioration or damage to our equipment.


If there have been strong winds or unusual weather patterns, one of our scaffolding hire operatives will come out to check the construction and make sure that it is safe for continued use.

To arrange a free site survey, and to benefit from safe commercial scaffolding hire in Golders Green or the surrounding areas, call 01992 558 464.

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