Inspecting Commercial Scaffolding in Hampstead

Current regulations in place for domestic and commercial scaffolding hire in the UK means there are certain criteria all scaffolding companies must reach with every construction. At V&S Scaffolding Services Ltd, we adhere to guidelines set out by the Work at Height Regulations Act 2005 to provide safety on sites in Hampstead and across the South East.


Scaffold hire inspections are a very important part of our business and something we take very seriously. To meet the standards expected, domestic and commercial scaffolding companies should carry out a full inspection at these critical points:


  • After a scaffolding installation has taken place
  • After each week of use until the scaffold hire period ends
  • Following adverse weather conditions in Hampstead


Scaffolding inspections in Hampstead have to be carried out by a capable person with the required combination of training, knowledge and experience. Anybody in our team who holds a current CISRS qualification would be suitably proficient.


A non-scaffolder who has been to a CISRS scaffold inspection course is deemed competent to inspect a basic scaffold hire construction. A more complex commercial scaffolding structure in Hampstead would have to be inspected by a CISRS advanced scaffolding inspection card holder. V&S Scaffolding Services Ltd have employees on our team with the appropriate qualifications.


Each scaffolding inspection we undertake is followed by a written report. Copies are kept on record at your Hampstead site and in our own offices until work is completed and we deconstruct the domestic or commercial scaffolding hire structure. Once construction work is complete, the written report should still be kept on file for a further three months.


Each scaffolding hire report should contain the following information:


  • The name, address and company of the person carrying out the inspection
  • The location of the Hampstead site
  • The names of all scaffolding companies involved in the construction
  • The time and date of the inspection
  • A basic description of the area where the scaffolding was inspected
  • Details of any defects or anything that could pose a risk
  • Details of any further action which might be deemed necessary


Scaffolding companies like our own are meticulous in their scaffold hire inspections and all checks are carried out in a thorough, conscientious manner. Even if we’ve been to your site in Hampstead the previous day for an inspection and bad weather occurs overnight, one of our scaffolding inspectors will still return the next day to administer the appropriate checks.

Call V&S Scaffolding Services Ltd on 01992 558 464 for domestic and commercial scaffolding hire inspections in Hampstead and North West London.

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