Scaffolding in Brentwood | From Egypt to Essex

Scaffolding is a fairly common sight in and around the Brentwood area. From small household scaffold hire constructions for home maintenance work to commercial scaffolding on large-scale building projects, scaffolding companies like our own are always kept busy in the ever-changing face of the modern world. The world of scaffolding is built on solid foundations, and we’ve decided to trace back the history of scaffolding hire to see where it all started and where it is today.


It should come as no surprise to find that the origins of scaffolding were never borne out of Brentwood but in Egypt. The Egyptians used wooden ramps and scaffolding to build the pyramids. History books denote that the pyramid was built with steps, like a staircase, and the stones were lifted by a short wooden scaffolding construction. The scaffolding was constructed from the floor to the first step. Lifting devices were provided for each step and one of the oldest and most famous historical scaffolding projects eventually set the tone for future years to come.


It is sometimes argued, although not clarified, that the Egyptians were actually behind the Chinese, who used a form of bamboo scaffolding to build frames. Tied together with rope, bamboo became a lightweight yet sturdy platform for workers to carry out basic building tasks. One of the advantages of bamboo is its portability. In fact, some of our commercial scaffolding poles have similar characteristics and we often use them on projects in Brentwood. Bamboo is still being used in the Far East for scaffolding, and it is a cheap and popular way of having work undertaken at height.

Scaffold Hire in Europe

The concept of scaffolding in Europe moved from unregulated wood scaffolding to the safe standing constructions we see in Brentwood today, and we owe a great deal of gratitude to two brothers, Daniel and David Jones. In 1906, Daniel and David led the way for scaffolding companies to follow suit and started the Patent Rapid Scaffold Hire Company.


They went on to introduce game-changing ‘scaffixers’. These were a set of fixings which held metal and wooden pieces together more securely than traditional fastenings. The Patent Rapid Scaffold Hire Company won a commission to help with the reconstruction of Buckingham Palace in 1913. This enabled the brothers to move into scaffolding hire folklore. By the 1920’s, metal piping started to replace wooden poles, which were a common sight on constructions not just in the heart of London, but also in growing communities around Brentwood at that point.


Moving forward to the 21st Century, specially-designed lightweight scaffolding poles make life easier in the commercial scaffolding business. Safety is the major issue with all scaffold hire projects and we, of course, actively encourage it. So, if you’re searching for a scaffolding company to undertake constructions in Brentwood, look no further. We combine our own history and experience to bring you the type of service you’d expect from one of the leading scaffolding companies in the Brentwood and Essex areas.

Speak to our team today and discover how scaffolding hire can help you make your own history in Brentwood. You can reach us on 01992 558464.

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