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V & S Scaffolding Ltd provides scaffold hire to building contractors, construction companies, property maintenance firms and homeowners in London and all across the UK.  We use only quality components and never rush the job, delivering scaffold hire in an efficient, safe and thorough manner. Ever wondered what is used to build a scaffold in London? Here’s more on the basic components…

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Scaffold Pipes

Typically made out of steel, scaffold tubes can also be manufactured from aluminium. When erecting scaffolding around London, we use steel scaffold tubes as they are a lot stronger and can support more weight. They are the scaffold’s exoskeleton, passing horizontally and rising vertically to create a solid, safe structure for working on. Different types of scaffolding pipe have different names:


Standard – A standard connects the scaffold to the ground, running up its entire length. Each standard connects to a base plate, which assists in distributing any weight the structure bears.


Ledger – Running horizontally between each standard are ledgers. These provide further support and also help assist with weight distribution.


Transoms – Then there’s transoms, which can be found on top of ledgers at a right angle. Main transoms help support standards by holding them in place, while intermediate transoms sit next to main transoms and lend additional support.

Scaffolding Couplers

These join scaffold tubes together, essentially acting as the scaffold’s joints. They’re usually made from drop-forged steel or pressed steel, both of which are extremely durable materials. Scaffold couplers are absolutely integral to the safety of a structure. Avoid using inexperienced or amateur London scaffolding hire companies that might misuse couplers, or erect a structure with insufficient support for the load it has to bear.

Why Choose V & S Scaffolding Ltd?

For over 30 years now, our team have been serving as the go-to scaffolding hire firm for London and all surrounding areas. This makes us qualified to take on all sizes of scaffolding contract. So whether you need a scaffold put up around your chimney, or you’re searching for a contractor that can deliver a full scaffolding solution for a £1m+ new build development – call V & S Scaffolding Services Ltd.

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You can reach the V & S Scaffolding Services Ltd team on 01992 558 464.

Contact us today for more information on our scaffolding hire.

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