Scaffold Hire Services for Hertfordshire, London, Middlesex & Surrey

V & S Scaffolding Services Ltd design, erect and maintain scaffolding structures of all shapes and sizes for domestic, commercial and industrial clients around Hertfordshire, London, Middlesex, Surrey and the wider UK. We following a very strict health and safety code, and our highly qualified scaffolders are trained to NASC SG4:15 regulations and TG20 guidelines notes.


We specialise in designing and erecting supported scaffolding, suspended scaffolding, mobile scaffolding and birdcage scaffolding. Which we employ will entirely depend on your needs and the site you require your scaffold erected on.

image of two men working on scaffolding

Types of Scaffolding

Supported Scaffolding – The most common form, and built whenever possible. It’s built from the ground up and has multiple access levels. Highly reliable and inexpensive, it’s scaffolding companies’ “bread and butter” structure.


Hanging Scaffolding - Used to access the upper levels of tall buildings, hanging scaffolding is a specialist scaffold hire service. Like its name suggests, it hangs from the upmost level of a building. You may have seen a hanging scaffold being used by window cleaners and property maintenance companies around London, Middlesex, Surrey or Hertfordshire.


Birdcage Scaffolding – If you only require scaffolding hire to reach one set level, then birdcage scaffolding might be for you. It stands entirely independently and is fairly quick and easy to erect. It’s ideal for working on a ceiling or window installation, for example.

Other Scaffolding Services

Temporary Roofs – When a property is being reroofed, it’s vulnerable to the elements. Likewise, if construction workers are laying foundations or concrete, then a sudden bout of heavy rain or snow could scupper the work done so far. A temporary roof protects an area from environmental hazards as work goes on underneath it.


Our scaffolding experts can quickly erect a temporary roof of any size for homeowners and companies around the Middlesex, Surrey, London and Hertfordshire areas, ensuring Mother Nature doesn’t cost you time and money.


System Staircases – We can also erect temporary system staircases that allow easy access up and down a building. These can be incorporated within supported scaffolding designs, making transitioning between a scaffold’s levels easier and safer.


Edge Protection & Handrails – These features help protect workers operating at height. They’re fitted to scaffold structures but can also be employed as a standalone safety feature on development sites, or to ensure that maintenance workers tending to a roof aren’t violating the UK Building Regulations Part K.


Hoist & Lifting Solutions – If you require materials ferried up and down a development site, then it’s important to have a suitable hoist and lifting solution in place to make the process easy and safe. Our scaffolding hire company can provide lifting systems for construction companies all across Middlesex, Surrey, London and Hertfordshire. They are easy to operate and can carry significant weights.


If you require scaffold hire or any of the other above services, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We also offer a 24-hour emergency callout service and:


• Scaffold Scheduling for Projects

• Scaffold Branding with Bespoke Company Logos

• Scafftag Inspection

image of temporary roof scaffolding
image of temporary roof scaffolding

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