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Working on scaffolding can be highly dangerous if gone about in a reckless and unsafe manner. Many of the construction industry accidents that occur in and around Surrey are down to improper use of a scaffold. On this page, V & S Scaffolding Services Ltd have listed some of the “dos and don’ts” of working on a scaffold.


If you require scaffolding hire in or around the Surrey area, then don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll visit your site and be able to assess exactly the type of scaffold that will suit your circumstance, before handing you a free, no-obligation scaffold hire quote.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Working on a Scaffold

Do wait until a scaffold has been thoroughly inspected before making use of it. Scaling incomplete or uninspected scaffolding is highly dangerous. After our team have completed a structure, we’ll ensure that everything is properly secure and supported, before giving you the all-clear to get using it.


Don’t assume the scaffold will remain structurally sound. If you ever suspect vandalism, or if a spate of particularly bad and stormy weather hits Surrey, then wait until we can arrive and re-inspect the scaffold. While some things are out of our hands, we can maintain scaffolding that is tampered with or damaged due to unforeseen events.


Do wear protective equipment. It’s integral that all workers using a scaffold wear protective equipment like hard hat and gloves, even when not directly on the scaffold. If you were walking underneath it and a tool were to fall from above, for example, then you could be seriously hurt.


Don’t rush work on a scaffold. If your company has a deadline fast approaching, you may be tempted to rush to get everything finished up. Likewise, if you’re a Surrey homeowner making use of scaffold hire for the first time, you may not be familiar with what a safe pace of work is. Take your time and it will significantly lessen the chances that an accident will occur.


Do respect the scaffold’s load limit. When providing scaffolding hire in Surrey, we take time to explain to clients exactly how much a scaffold can take. If you’re going to be placing a significant amount of weight on your scaffold, we’ll be able to create a bespoke structure that will suit your needs. But don’t overload the scaffold’s weight limit, if it collapses then users and passers-by could be badly injured or killed, and property could be damaged or destroyed.

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image of scaffolding stairs leading up a building
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image of scaffolding stairs leading up a building
image of scaffolding stairs leading up a building